Project overview

Seismos is a technology company offering completion diagnostics services for the Oil and Gas industry. Their products offer the industry’s first, non-invasive, direct measurement of fracture properties for real-time fracturing treatment evaluation

Seismos Inc.
Oil & Gas industry
Web front end & data visualization


Seismos had a very small software team and wanted to develop a web-based application that would allow clients to view their oil and gas well-related data in a more consumable and intuitive way through a dashboard. The executive team had very ambitious deadlines.


The client’s team handled the backend, databases and the APIs. Celerik’s goal was to build the frontend using React.js and a third-party library called INT for the 3D oil and gas well-viewer. When ownership was transferred to the client’s team, we delivered the pipelines and DevOps side of things. We were able to deliver the project within a very short timeframe that the client thought would take three times as long.

Celerik exceeded expectations by delivering a functional frontend within an extremely tight timeframe


– Director