Slide Discovery . Our process
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Business understanding
We carry out key business context activities that help uncover business and users’ motivations. We use Business Model Canvas® and Value Proposition Canvas® as a preliminary common ground for teams to start collaborating and sharing the same business jargon.
Discovery process
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User experience design
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Technical design
If your project is just getting started, our technical team will research and design the best solution architecture considering your constraints. In case yours is not a greenfield project, we make sure we understand where you are standing by diving deep into your existing architecture and technology stack.

Analyze code

We conduct an in-depth review of the code of your existing application.


We look up technology stacks that best suit your use cases.

Technology proposal

We pick and choose technologies.

High-level architecture

We create an implementation and development operations plan.

Assemble team

We gather a trained team that fully complies with the project requirements.
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Performing our Discovery process allows us to fully understand the scope and goals of the product to be developed, which in turn can provide a cost and schedule estimate of project execution.