Here's Our Playbook

We like to take a comprehensive product development approach where communication and transparency are fundamental


Business Understanding

We carry out key business context activities that help uncover business and users’ motivations. We use Business Model Canvas® and Value Proposition Canvas® as a preliminary common ground for teams to start collaborating and sharing the same business jargon.

User Experience Design

1. User Personas

Gain an understanding of users and their motivations.

2. Customer Journey Maps

Describe user interactions and touchpoints.

3. User Flows

Demonstrate steps users take to achieve goals.

4. Wireframing/High fidelity designs.

From low fidelity concept design to clickable prototypes.

5. User Story Map

Demonstrate steps users take to achieve goals.

Technical Design

If your project is just getting started, our technical team will research and design the best solution architecture considering your constraints. In case yours is not a greenfield project, we make sure we understand where you are standing by diving deep into your existing architecture and technology stack.

Analyze code
We conduct an in-depth review of the code of your existing applications.


Performing our Discovery process allows us to fully understand the scope and goals of the product to be developed, which in turn can provide a cost and schedule estimate of project execution.



Project Set up

New Project.

We use Azure DevOps or Jira to track development process from beginning to end

Work items workflow

We set the process workflow for all work items: user stories, tasks, and bugs

High-level work items.

We add high level work items based on user requirements

Build team.

From low fidelity concept design to clickable prototypes.

Configuration Management

Create repositories

We use Git to track changes in source code during the software development process. We create repos for all components we need in the project like Database Scripts, Services and UI.

Add code baseline

We initialize them with our proven high-quality software baseline which contains all generic code needed to start building your project at a fast pace.

Create pipelines

We create pipelines to automate our Continuous Delivery Process to the different environments (DEV, TEST, PROD)

Branch policies

We add branch policies to our repos. It means that code changes performed by developers are allowed only when they pass all quality rules.

Agile Process

1. Pre-planning

This is where Delivery connects with Discovery process deliverables to build prioritize user stories from product backlog

2. Sprint planning

Sprint vision meets user story discussion and estimation between product owner and developer team

3. Daily meetings

Communicate what was worked on yesterday and tasks to be covered today

4. Grooming

Constantly review the status of user stories of the backlog with the Product Owner to make sure stories are relevant

5. Retrospective

This is our chance to improve the process, and have a positive impact in team velocity



Post-delivery support

90 days post-delivery support to fix bugs and optimize performance.

Roadmap evolution

We work together with your team to define future needs and avoid technical debt.

Transforming Ideas Into Innovative Solutions

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